The road of a thousand years

13.06.2022, 21:20, Разное
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1966. A new teacher, a teacher of the Russian language, is brought to school for the senior classes. One of the boys immediately falls in love with her. She reciprocates him and flirts lightly. But she also works as a translator on the construction of a factory for a military attache from the USSR.
nullThe cultural revolution begins. The boy leaves the family and becomes a red guard. The main character becomes the mistress of an officer from the USSR, who is much older than her, and he has a family in Moscow. She doesn’t love him, she just wants to survive.
An insert from the history of China. A new concubine is brought to the Emperor. He falls in love, and so does she. They’re going to have a baby. But the emperor falls ill and suddenly dies. The emperor’s wife orders the pregnant concubine to be buried with him – so she eliminates a potential heir from another woman.

1969. During the incident on the Damascus Island, the Soviet military attache is expelled from China back to the USSR (to his family and children). His translator is arrested and accused of espionage in favor of the USSR.
The red Guards are dispersed, and the boy himself finds himself in a colony, where he remembers his first love — a teacher of the Russian language.
One day they are ordered to dig a grave for a shot spy. They dig up, and when they take the corpse, he sees that it is his teacher.

1972. The Soviet military attache returns to China again, but he can’t find his translator anywhere. The boy has already left the colony and returns to his hometown, where he is going to work at the school where he studied — as a teacher of the Russian language…

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